Welcome To Elk Hunting Fever!

Are you an elk hunter?

Do you breathe, sleep, think and dream about the next time you head to the field?  Are you checking your gear all the time, adding things, watching the sales and pouring over the hunting catalogs?

Welcome – that’s exactly what we’re all about here.

In the coming months we’ll be discussing all these things including preparing for our hunts, going to the field to both scout and hunt, setting up a base camp, spike camping reading maps, how to call, signs to watch for, rutting, and on and on.

Rifle, muzzleloader or archery?  We’ll cover it all.  Although, you might find a preference for DIY archery hunts in the high country.

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

  • Elk hunting tips, elk hunting techniques
  • Gear reviews: bull calls, cow calls, packs, guns, archery gear
  • Camping and spiking for the high country
  • Elk hunting locations and ways to hunt
  • Interviews with successful elk hunters
  • Hunting experiences reviewed and dissected, including what went wrong
  • A close look at what the successful hunters do to improve their odds

OK – come along for the experience and learning.  We’re ready to get started!



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