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Colorado Elk Hunting Cameron Hanes

Colorado Elk Hunting Archery Elk Hunt with Cameron Hanes Here is the typical Cam style – exciting situations, great camera work, great hunting. It just doesn’t get any better than this for Colorado Elk Hunting ! Watch this:

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Archery Elk Hunting Colorado

Archery Elk Hunting Elk Tour – Colorado Elk Hunt Come along and watch some great footage and outtakes of some great Archery Elk Hunting in Colorado. Nice setups, calling and beautiful scenery make this well worth watching!

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Elk Herd – Elk Social Behavior

Elk Herd Social Behavior – Elk Migration, Elk Sounds, Bull Elk Bugling Elk have a complicated social behavior that lends to exciting wildlife viewing and survival in harsh environments.  Elk are organized around a matriarchal society. The herd leaders are … Continue reading

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Elk Hunting – The Elk Rut

Elk Rut – The Most Exciting Time of the Year For Hunting The mating season or rut is from late August to October, peaking in September. During this time, bulls have a dramatic increase in testosterone causing their necks to … Continue reading

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Archery Elk Hunt – New Mexico Bull Elk 8×7

A huge 8×7 Bull Elk in New Mexico.  Taken at a waterhole. Elk bowhunting at it’s best! Excellent hunting footage.  Clean, pass-though shot.  Elk drops quickly. Enjoy this one!  

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Archery Elk Hunting – Idaho – 340″ Bull

Here’s a beautiful bull elk taken in Idaha.  Archery elk hunting at it’s finest.  A 340″ class bull. Experience some good bull elk bugling  in some pretty rough terrain. Enjoy…

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